When you sell screenplays that get Park Chan-wook or Michael Mann in the director’s chair, I can only hope, for the sake of quality control, that a few personal offers land at your feet. It might actually be the case, as screenwriter S. Craig Zahler (The Brigands of Rattleborge, The Big Stone Grid) has been able to both set up his first helming project and, at once, also compile a strong set of performers to make it happen.

Variety let us know about the film, Bone Tomahawk, a “brutally violent, character-driven” horror-western which is expected to star Richard Jenkins, Kurt Russell, Peter Sarsgaard, and Jennifer Carpenter. They’re all playing members of a town — “befuddled oldster,” sheriff, cowboy, and captured native, respectively — trying to rescue those kidnapped folks from “cannibalistic troglodytes” who, being “cannibalistic troglodytes,” are almost certainly up to no good. A buyer hasn’t been found just yet — if I had a big checkbook and somewhere to put the film, I think this would be mine in a heartbeat — a problem Celluloid Dreams hope to change when it goes out on the American Film Market.

Wouldn’t you, too, want to see what may come of Zahler‘s film? The concept and players are more than enough, yet the strong traction on the writer-director’s screenplays make him a name to watch for in the studio fold; there might even be a chance it winds up landing there. If a major Hollywood group, any one, give life to Jenkins and Russell battling “cannibalistic troglodytes,” I (as well as many others) would be enormously pleased.

Caliber Media are producing Bone Tomahawk and intend to have Zahler shooting in the spring.

Based on what we know about this film, are you already on board?

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