Now there are two dancing-related movies I could easily see myself checking out — brave new world, etc. Following recent casting on the salsa comedy Cuban Fury, Variety reports that Reece Ritchie (The Lovely Bones), Freida Pinto, and Alfred Molina, have come aboard a very different kind of entry into the subgenre: Desert Dancer, a biopic of Iranian performer Afshin Ghaffarian.

Set during the tumultuous protests of Iran’s 2009 election, Desert Dancer follows the efforts of Ghaffarian (Ritchie) to advance his career, even going so far as to “risk his life to fight for his dream to become a dancer.” (This Is Not a Boogie.) Pinto and Molina‘s roles haven’t been expounded upon, though it’s fair to think they’ll appear as his lover and father figure, respectively. Jon Croker (The Woman in Black: Angels of Death) is writing the film for debut director Richard Raymond, who’s also producing through his company, May 13 Films; Matador Pictures will also chip in some effort.

Production is expected to take place over the summer.

What’s your impression of Desert Dancer?

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