Turns out I’m looking forward to a dance comedy; that might be a first. A couple of days after we heard Chris O’Dowd and Nick Frost were signed to lead Cuban Fury, Variety reports that Rashida Jones and Olivia Colman (Tyrannosaur, Hot Fuzz) are also on board, with James Griffiths signed to make his directorial debut in the meantime.

While our last description of the film indicated that Cuban Fury would follow “a former teen dance prodigy (Frost) who attempts a comeback years after a rival (O’Dowd) ruined his career,” Variety’s description goes in a decidedly different direction. If you were to ask them, Jon Brown‘s screenplay revolves around a discouraged fellow who, upon meeting a beautiful, American boss (Jones), rediscovers a love for salsa music. (To be fair, this other strand could come in at some point; that remains to be seen.)

Considering they’ve been in contact with Big Talk Productions’ Nira Park, I’ll presume that’s definitely one way things are going. She herself promised “massive dance sequences and a real U.K. sensibility rooted in reality,” something I never would’ve associated with a comedy about Nick Frost doing salsa dances — but if they can make it believable, I’d gladly watch. Our main cast is made up of some pretty strong talent, anyway, the kind that could make even the worst script into a relatively enjoyable experience. Thankfully, I think Cuban Fury will be okay in that department, too.

StudioCanal, Film4, Big Talk, and the BFI Film Fund are producing Cuban Fury, which will start shooting in June.

Are you impressed with the newest picks on Cuban Fury?

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