Update: Removed at the studio’s request.

Some two years after its production was threatened by a bit of money-grabbing title work, The Bronx Bull, a second fictionalization of the life of Jake LaMotta, is… somewhere, though we couldn’t tell you just where that is or to what extent it currently exists. Yet, under unknown circumstances, the Exempt Capital Network (seemingly associated with producer 982 Media) posted a full-length trailer three months ago, attached company logos and credits for main players included. The biggest surprise? It doesn’t look terrible.

The thing’s clearly made on a low budget, features an actor who’s obviously too old to be in boxing scenes — though William Forsythe deserves some credit, having the guts to take up such an iconic role — and a few line readings that would inspire confidence in no one, but photographed with some grace and lit like a professional endeavor. While that, yes, is setting a bit of a low bar, I’d never expect such thoroughly decent results from what seemed like a cash-in disaster as long as two years ago. Now, questions as to just what’s happened with the project; reaching a dead link when searching the website offered at trailer’s end is no great promise.

Does this trailer prove an encouraging look at a long-forgotten production?

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