Considering David Lindsay-Abaire and Michael Chabon tried out the Hollywood system to varying degrees of success — what does it say when both have worked with Sam Raimi? — another Pulitzer Prize winner is looking toward the studios for work. News of this sort comes from Vulture, who report that playwright Robert Schenkkan (The Quiet American) has been tapped by Universal for Demonologist, a genre picture produced by Robert Zemeckis and his ImageMovers.

As we told you exactly six months ago, the project is an adaptation of Andrew Pyper‘s currently unpublished novel about a Columbia professor whose studies of Paradise Lost comes in handy he’s forced to “go on a dark journey of discovery.” You might be wondering why (go along with me here): His daughter has been kidnapped by a demon.

So, no, not the sort of material that would bring a Pulitzer Prize to mind; maybe his days as a Star Trek actor serve as some kind of connecting thread? Probably not. But if Demonologist provides Schenkkan with some additional resources to write another play or, heck, even get his own classy picture into motion, this is a choice I have zero qualms with.

Where does Schenkkan’s hiring put Demonologist, in your view?

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