Hot on the heels of its Tribeca announcement, CinemaBlend has nabbed the first American poster for Frédéric Jardin‘s reportedly thrilling actioner Sleepless Night. The simple, kinetic design on display won’t tell you a single thing about the film’s plot, or what makes it so interesting — i.e., the predominant use of one location for most of its runtime — but I’m happy to trade that in favor of something amusingly brutal. (This could almost be an alternative poster for Step Brothers, really.) Fitting for a movie that breaks the mold, isn’t it?

See it below:

Then we have the poster for another festival favorite: The Loved Ones. Writer-director Sean Byrne‘s horror film has been getting very positive notices throughout its international showings, but this one’s still had a long road to hitting the U.S. Having premiered all the way back at 2009’s TIFF (isn’t it upsetting that 2009 is now “all the way back”?), The Loved Ones will only see an American release in the next month or two. Before we get the story of a girl attaining revenge during prom night, a poster from IMPAwards can be enjoyed.

Take a look below:

There’s also this announcement video from Paramount:

Up next is Elfie Hopkins, a piece of British horror from Ryan Andrews that stars Jaime Winstone, Ray Winstone, and Rupert Evans. Much to my own enlightenment, Empire, along with supplying the poster, tells us that the film centers on “22 year-old wildlife-loving amateur sleuth [who] has to get by on wits dampened by a spliff or two as she sets to work uncovering bloody work afoot in her dormant hunting village.”

You can check out the poster below:

Finally, we’ve got a poster for Darling Companion. If there’s any reason I haven’t disregarded this movie right from the outset, it’s due to the fact that the trailer is one of the most tonally imbalanced I’ve seen in years — to the point of endless fascination. Directed by none other than Lawrence Kasdan, this tale of an elderly couple (Dianne Keaton and Kevin Kline) losing their dog is sure to be a hit with the AARP club. The rest of us will see part of it on TNT in two and a half years.

Also starring Richard Jenkins, Dianne Weist, Sam Shepard, Mark Duplass, and Elisabeth Moss, Darling Companion will see a limited release on April 20th. The poster is below (via Collider):

Will you check out any of these films? How do the posters sell them?

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