I’m very adamant in the viewpoint that, when you boil down every single Oscar nomination, one of the very few that actually have a chance to make some lasting impact is the Best Foreign Language Film category. Just think about the two films we’re featuring today. Would there be any other opportunity for either to receive exposure on a multi-million person level otherwise? Probably not.

The first of these is Belgium’s Bullhead, which is, remarkably, only the sophomore release from Drafthouse Films (they put out Four Lions last year, as you might remember). The international attention is enough of an attention-grabber for myself, but, from the sound of it, Michael R. Roskam‘s picture also mixes some of my favorite categories into one: crime drama, assassination thriller, and character study. The poster doesn’t give any of that away — I thought of Warrior or Bronson, mainly because my frame of reference only encapsulates Tom Hardy sans shirt — but I wouldn’t want it to, either.

Bullhead opens in limited release on February 17th. The poster comes, ever-so-appropriately, from BadassDigest, and it can be seen below:

After that, HitFix has provided a new one-sheet for Monsieur Lazhar, France’s entry into this year’s Oscar race, and a film we featured on our list of 2012’s most promising Sundance entries — looks like we made a good judgement. From writer and director Philippe Falardeau, the drama revolves around “an Algerian immigrant teacher who brings emotional stability to a Montreal middle school class shaken by the suicide of their well-liked teacher.” (It’s only in 2D.)

You can probably figure that Lazhar isn’t the kind of film which would have a flashy poster, but I appreciate the “class photo” design going on here nonetheless. Look at it below, and see the film when it opens in April:

I kind of forgot that Elizabeth Olsen had another movie — which played at last year’s Sundance, no less — waiting to see a release, but here’s the poster for Silent House, which will finally hit on March 9th. The (supposedly) one-take feature is the long-delayed follow-up for Open Water filmmakers Chris Kentis and Laura Lau follows a girl, played by the newest “It” actress, as she tries to find a way out of her parents’ house. From what I’ve heard, it doesn’t go past there in any significant way.

Take a look below (via MovieWeb):

Finally, BloodyDisgusting has unveiled the first English-language poster for Juan Carlos Fresnadillo‘s Intruders. It’s about time; the picture was announced for a March 30th release date and, save for a UK trailer, there’s been virtually no advertising to attract audiences up to this point. The limited release explains this to a certain degree, but… we need something.

That something is a bizarre, possibly misguided poster, one that only brought back memories of the first Matrix. Not the worst connection in the world, but I’m unimpressed; memories of a terrified Keanu Reeves can only go so far.

Have a look below:

Are you impressed by any of these posters? What are your thoughts on the actual films?

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