With the large slate of films they have on the agenda for the next few years, it’s not much of a surprise that one of the in-development movies at Pixar would get the axe. But it isn’t one of their sequels, as those have already proven themselves to be financially successful, but one of their new, untested properties. And this property just so happens to be Newt.

Set to be directed by Gary Rydstrom, who previously directed the animated short Lifted, which premiered in front of Ratatouille, the project has been scrapped, so says The Pixar Blog, via /Film. We never saw much of the project despite a logo (see above) and some concept art, but even the latter item was a picture that was snapped at a presentation. The likelihood that this project will resurface are very slim, and if we did some sort of incarnation of this idea, it probably wouldn’t be for several years down the line. The only real plot description we have for it can be viewed below and came from a press conference that was held by Disney that AICN was able to attend.

Brook is the name of the last female Blue-Footed Newt. She is in the wild and has no idea she’s the last female of her species. She escapes all sorts of dangers in her day to day life, including being evasive of these crazy biologists who are always chasing her. Rydstrom describes her evasive capabilities as making her an ‘amphibious Errol Flynn‘. One day they catch her and bring her back to the lab and present her to Newt. They have “the world’s worst first date” before through circumstance they both end up in the wild. Newt is worthless out here, but Brook gets him through the trials. They meet a character named Eddie, a giant Hellbender Salamander, who is a ladies man and passes along his incredibly shallow ideas of love to Newt. Of course, they predictably don’t work. Newt is a movie about how finding a mate never goes as you expect even, make that especially, if you only have one choice.”

I feel admittedly not that upset about this news, because the concept of Newt never really excited me to beign with. WIth the exception of some interesting viauals ideas behind the brief pictures we saw, the plot sounded fairly generic (even though I think Pixar has proven that they can make any idea work), and I also know that we’ll have plenty of other Pixar productions to be excited about for the next few years.

Were you excited for Newt? Does news about it being left out of Pixar’s slate disappoint you?

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