Regardless of whatever future lies ahead for a Bridesmaids sequel, Universal will have to wait if they want Paul Feig back. As Variety reports, he’ll team up with the studio once more for The Better Woman, a romantic comedy currently being scribed by Gilmore GirlsAmy Sherman-Palladino.

The story — which is also based on an idea from Jen Smolka and Ron Bass — centers on “a high-powered young executive who is dumped by her boyfriend for an older woman.” Soon, she “befriends the woman to discover why her boyfriend chose her, and rediscovers herself in the process.” Sounds like your standard romantic comedy material, but, then again, so did Bridesmaids; that ended up flourishing because of a strong script, great cast, and Feig‘s guiding hand. They’ve got one thing nailed down already.

On at least one more of those notes, it’s pointed out by Variety that Reese Witherspoon was close to taking on the project, but has since dropped out; this is the extent of casting developments, however. I have no suggestions in this department that could be considered valuable, so I’ll just get reductive and say that a reteaming with one of his Bridesmaids stars would be welcome. Maybe they’ll read this and take my comments into consideration.

Are you happy to see Feig get back in the director’s chair? What are your impressions of The Better Woman?

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