From one Oscar nominee to another? Variety reports that BridesmaidsPaul Feig has started talks with The Weinstein Company over Untouchable, a remake of the French-language hit The Intouchables (see what they did there?), which is hitting stateside in May — courtesy of The Weinstein Company, by the way.

Nice news, but it gets a little spicy when you learn that one Colin Firth has been circling the lead role, that of “a wealthy white aristocrat who suffers a tragic paragliding accident that leaves him a quadriplegic”; Philippe Pozzo di Borgo wrote the memoirs upon which this story is based. The rest of his story chronicles, at least in part, the encounters with his various caretakers, and how he came to form strong ties with “a young, troubled immigrant caregiver.” And you now know what I meant by “Oscar nominee.”

Promising material for either party, if not necessarily a sure thing. Feig‘s involvement would depend on his current timetable (The Better Woman is supposed to be up next) and the chances of our resident Oscar winner’s involvement are, well, the same. (This may come across as a surprise, but — really! — big studios like to employ quality names every once in a while.) For what it could be worth (i.e., not a good deal), I’ve got an easier time picturing Firth‘s name in the end credits — primarily on the grounds that Untouchable sounds like “his kind of film” — but it’s all speculative right now, anyway. We’ll see how much Feig likes the material in question, I suppose.

Does Untouchable sound like worthy material for this director and/or star?

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