It’s a messy day over at Warner Bros., with one production getting some unwanted post-production “enhancements” and another… well, not having nearly enough of those to begin with. The first and most important item concerns Guillermo del Toro‘s Pacific Rim, a highly-anticipated, reportedly impressive effort that is now getting the classic 3D conversion.

Variety have news of WB’s order, one which is (surprise!) labeled as being of the financial and not, on the other hand, creative sort. Sure, your director has already stated that the effects of 3D are not exactly “his thing,” but the prospect of more cash — particularly in the overseas market — was “too much for Warners to resist.”

An unfortunate bit of news, though we should still be able to see Pacific Rim in 2D, just as del Toro intended; it’ll probably even be as easy to find. When you have Ron Perlman saying the monsters vs. robots extravaganza “makes Transformers look like a Merchant Ivory movie,” there should be enough to enjoy in the “flat” sense of things, anyway.

The thing is: Pacific Rim is probably still going to be a quality product with the unwanted layer added on. Warner Bros., however, have a real problem on their hands with Jack the Giant Killer, which Variety have also heard some behind-the-scenes word on. Bryan Singer‘s film, it turns out, was one of the deciding factors in the closing of Digital Domain, a once-thriving VFX company — which, I should add, was in the possession of James Cameron and Michael Bay at various points — who are now filing for chapter 11.

Those in the know purport things were “so catastrophic DD employees came to call it ‘Jack the Company Killer,'” citing the complexity of visual effects requiring them to “re-do scenes,” whatever that may truly entail, efforts which were altogether unsatisfactory. Their CEO readily admits this was “a contributing factor” in the financial hurt, if not necessarily the number-one reason for collapse.

This is, nevertheless, a might bad way for the film to enter our line of sight once again; many of us had let it slip the mind, thanks to an underwhelming trailer and delay to next year. (It would have come out three months ago, had there not been some trouble.) Needless to say, I suspect the studio need to do a bit more legwork if it wants to shape up their image on Giant Killer.

Jack the Giant Killer will open on March 22nd, 2013.

Is 3D a bad route for Pacific Rim to be taking? Does this word on Singer’s film create some hesitance on your part?

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