Update: As expected, IFC Films have picked up the domestic rights to the project. Check out the original story below.

What, you were excited about Justice League 4 casting (orwhatevertheheckitis) but don’t jump at this? Sit right down, pay attention, and take notes: the movie at hand has full potential to knock socks right off.

This past October, French master Olivier Assayas revealed that he’d begun to work on a meta-fiction Juliette Binoche-starrer, Since Maria — summarized as “[a] Juliette Binoche movie about Juliette Binoche with Juliette Binoche” — the three-pronged concept of which was, to put it mildly, a pot-stirrer for this writer’s own cinematic interests. Sadly, however we couldn’t hear much else about it: this was from a director who’d been doing interviews (like this one) for a festival title, and who’d hop back to his home country to continue private development. The trades were not going to follow this one with a magnifying glass.

But things need to pick up as production gets close, and this is a pretty good pick-up of its own: IonCinema inform us Mia Wasikowska, fresh off collaborating with another foreign-language auteur, will take a supporting slot in the project which, now, would appear to be titled Sils Maria. A more logical name, as Assayas‘ screenplay reportedly follows an acclaimed actress, Maria Enders (Binoche), who reflects on her life and career while staying in Sila Maria, the “hill and flower-friendly portion of the Engadin region of Switzerland.” Action comes down, specifically, to “the physical space of one room,” in which Maria is able to think back on “ageism, insecurities and doubts brought about by a successful, yet controversial role she played two decades prior.”

As an assistant, likely to the protagonist herself, legitimate questions exist regarding ways Wasikowska‘s character is written into the action. (Based on early comments, such as the ones right above, a “two-person piece” is not hugely likely.) It goes without saying that an opportunity for answers is the sweetest part of all.

Does the combination of Wasikowska and Binoche sound like the makings of something fruitful?

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