Once a staple of the British cinema, since out of the loop for almost two decades, auteur Nicolas Roeg has still never entirely faded away. Yet, save for occasional Criterion releases / reissues, we’ve heard essentially zero since debuting the little-seen Puffball in 2007 — to the point where, in all honesty, the 84-year-old seemed more or less done for.

But, before calling it a day, Roeg has one more story to tell. According to ScreenDaily, word has arrived that the Walkabout helmer is starting development on a World War I romance, At Sunset, which his Puffball scribe, Dan Weldon, will be writing for Amérique Films; their representative, Martin Paul-Hus, describes it as “a torrid affair between a [French] woman in her late 40s, early 50s and a young lad from Yorkshire.” A personal sense of connection — she being “a wealthy landowner,” he an ex-laborer back home — is certified with World War I’s violent conflict, though how that happens wasn’t made clear in their further comments. (Some curiosity is justifiable, I think.)

Weldon has already finished up his duties on At Sunset, so their next goal, before funding, is to nab leads. Vague as it is, some curiosity is piqued when Paul-Hus is purported to be keeping “one of France’s top female actresses” in mind as things progress; maybe Roeg is still able to attract that kind of talent, maybe not. And if, after decades of problematic output, we’d so much as want to see him give directing another crack is a second question for which, again, an answer is not immediately evident.

Is Roeg’s name still worth any attention? Does At Sunset sound like a good step?

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