It’s hard to keep track of Nicolas Cage these days, especially when many of his releases receive little to no promotion.  This year alone, the movie making machine starred in handful of films, one of which – the crime drama Frozen Ground – flew way under the radar. As a new year looms, he’s already attached to four projects, including the upcoming Taken-esque revenge thriller Tokarev. A trailer for the newest Cage film hit the web, and its footage left me wondering just many more of these he has to make in order to escape bankruptcy.

In the latest release from Hannibal Classics – the company that also produced the straight-to-DVD 50 Cent vehicle Setup – Cage plays Paul Maguire, a family man whose criminal past catches up with him when a gang of Russian mobsters kidnap and kill his daughter. With nothing left to lose, he rounds up his old crew and heads to the streets in search of his own brand of justice. Based on the trailer, the actioner should deliver plenty of shoot outs and explosions, as well as a decent supporting cast that includes Danny Glover and a wheelchair bound Peter Stormare in what looks to be a scene-chewing role. Then, of course, there’s the promise of a signature Cage freakout, which is always hard to resist. See trailer below:

Directed by Paco Cabezas, Tokarev also stars Rachel Nichols and Aubrey Peeples. The film will release sometime in 2014.

Do you think Tokarev looks like the usual Cage outing, or do you think will it offer something more?

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