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Zac Efron and Akiva Goldsman Share ‘The Falling’

Written by on January 30, 2013 

Whether or not you actually like the work, Akiva Goldsman can give output at an altogether impressive rate. As he continues shooting the fantastical drama, Winter’s Tale, THR have announced intentions to launch The Falling, which the screenwriter is producing with star Zac Efron, via their respective companies Weed Road and Ninja Runnin’ Wild Productions; Warner Bros. and Safehouse Pictures are also on board. It isn’t so faulty to say the wheels are spinning.

You’d think the latest effort from a writer to whom not much attention is typically paid wouldn’t, for that reason, exactly need to remain secret, yet, on WB’s part, “[e]very effort is being made to protect the logline.” (This is, possibly, an attempt to drum up anticipation that wouldn’t have otherwise existed. Keep trying.) Still, the existing information points toward “an edgy thriller centering around an otherworldly being,” a story which has received formal commencement from Goldman and Joby Harold (All You Need Is Kill); next, they’ll have to secure a writer capable of putting Falling in “the next level of development.”

Goldsman holds financial power to his name, and Efron has heartthrob status, so I’m thinking this won’t wait long before getting to said next level. Now, if I had been presented more, it’s likely I’d also have a larger devotion to whatever the project’s deal is — as for now, it’s going to have to wait.

Do Goldsman and Efron amount to something worthwhile? What about this news on The Falling?

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