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Darren Aronofsky-Produced ‘XOXO’ Gets ‘Adjustment’ from Director George Nolfi

Written by on August 27, 2012 

Having lost the Captain America job, Lionsgate have come in and filled the void in the schedule of George Nolfi (The Adjustment Bureau). The writer-director is being snagged to helm XOXO, a thriller which Darren Aronofsky will produce from a script his Black Swan co-scribe Mark Heyman; Michael London (Sideways) is also behind the picture. [Variety]

Along with an expected behind-the-camera job, Nolfi will also “oversee a rewrite” of that original screenplay. No matter how extensive these adjustments (ahem) end up being, one would be remiss to expect changes which strongly deviate from this basic set-up: “[A]n on-the-rise executive who despite being engaged, enjoys flirting online, where he meets an alluring woman on Facebook.” What starts off as inappropriate (albeit fruitless) conversations soon transforms into something that earns the description of “Fatal Attraction for the digital age.” (That is, things get deadly for our protagonist.)

When one takes a) Heyman‘s past work and b) Aronofsky‘s initial interest into account, you’d hope that Nolfi doesn’t change things up all too much. (Especially the digital tours through internet conversations, which sound enticingly unique.) You know that saying about something which isn’t broken? Right. Regardless, I like what the man did with his first outing as a director so, with this second feature, there should only be room to grow.

Does Nolfi’s signing give XOXO any additional credentials?

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