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Writers Hired For ‘Tron: Legacy’ Sequel, ‘Daredevil’ & ‘TMNT’ Reboots

Written by on June 7, 2011 

Tron: Legacy remains one of those movies I simply can’t build up any kind of enthusiasm to ever checking out. The closest I got to seeing it is when I had it from Netflix for about three weeks, but I then decided that it shouldn’t just collect dust in my kitchen. I sent it back and got something I actually wanted to see. But, a sequel is happening, so maybe I’ll have to watch it in the near future. But I truly don’t see that happening. Despite poor reviews, with the film crossing the $400 million worldwide mark, we are likely getting another.

Legacy director Joseph Kosinski said back in April that the story for a third movie in the series was being worked on, while also giving some details on where they want to take things. A big step has just been taken for the movie, with THR telling us that screenwriter David DiGilio has been hired. He wrote the 2006 Disney movie Eight Below, while he also created the TV series Traveler. His most recent activity has been pitching an idea to Showtime called Last H.O.P.E., which has reportedly been picked up by the network.

But a writer being picked by Disney doesn’t mean that this is a sure thing, though — in fact, the franchise’s fate is probably in the hands of the upcoming Disney XD cartoon, Tron: Uprising. The animated TV series, airing next year, will take place between the first and second movies, and the studio will move forward with a third film if it does well enough to indicate that there’s still interest in the whole series. That success will probably be gauged by things like viewer numbers, ancillary revenues, things of that ilk. Basically, we’ll have some basic idea within the next year; in the meantime, I’ll continue to completely forget that this is even being considered.

In the reboot department, we’ve learned that two of Hollywood’s latest attempts at resurrecting dead franchises have also hired writers. First up, the Daredevil reboot – which is set to be directed by David Slade – has picked up Brad Caleb Kane to pen the tale of the blind superhero, according to THR. The Fringe writer is apparently adapting the Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli run of the character, titled Born Again.

The pressure will be on him, as it’s one of the more popular and acclaimed stories that the character has. He wrote Brooklyn’s Finest, and has a script based around the Viewmaster toy set up at Dreamworks, appropriately titled View-Master. Also to his name is a biopic of Richard Pryor, which Bill Condon is reportedly interested in directing. He’s certainly someone who’s kept themselves busy, but this will probably be his biggest project yet.

Then there’s the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, something that I honestly had no idea was even in development. Produced by Platinum Dunes’ Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, Deadline says that the live-action adaptation of the popular characters has picked up Mission: Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol writers Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec, who were selected by Paramount.

Development is still in the early stages, so word on the movie is pretty quiet. I at least hope that they don’t go the typical reboot route by having things be dark and gritty, simply because it comes off as more mature. It’s really not a franchise that needs that kind of treatment, but Platinum Dunes seems to do that to a lot of old properties, even if those were horror films. If they can capture the fun and playfulness that the series originally had, then I wouldn’t be entirely opposed to this coming together.

Do any of these projects interest you? Do you think these reboots could be good?

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