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Writer Brought on to Give ‘Salt’ Sequel Treatment

Written by on December 10, 2012 

It’s been more than two years since the release of Salt, and yours truly would be shocked (shocked!) if anyone is clamoring for (or ever actually wanted) a sequel. And, yet, THR inform us that as much is still in motion at Columbia Pictures — I forgot about hearing of one, to be honest, though it’s been a while — with a new writer coming in to make up for Kurt Wimmer‘s draft. I know you can’t believe it, either, but a screenplay from the writer of Equilibrium and Ultraviolet happened to not be “up to snuff” for Angelina Jolie.

Now they’ve brought in Becky Johnston, who only recently saw the release of a new film under her penmanship — the Colin Firth– and Emily Blunt-led Arthur Newman — but is best-known for having written Seven Years in Tibet, The Prince of Tides, and Prince‘s classic film Under the Cherry Moon. Her job doesn’t appear to be a simple rewrite, but page-one start that will carry over the events of Philip Noyce‘s 2010 thriller; the version she works from is another question.

In all sincerity, odds say she’ll branch off what was provided in the theatrical cut — the home video release contained a director’s cut and extended cut, each with a different conclusion — especially since that’s what a majority of audiences are coming back from in the first place. But there’s a whole other question of how many people actually remember (let alone enjoyed) the first Salt, and that could be a deciding factor in how far this ends up going.

Is there sufficient reason to make another Salt?

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