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Winona Ryder to Take ‘Homefront’ With Statham and Franco; ‘Machete Kills’ Gets After-the-Fact Villain

Written by on August 20, 2012 

Look, Homefront just kind of speaks to me. It’s a Sylvester Stallone-penned movie wherein Jason Statham defends his family from a meth dealer played by James Franco, for the love of God. It’s going to be really stupid and really violent and I want it in front of my eyes.

There’s a little more reason to pay attention, with THR informing us that Winona Ryder will co-star for director Gary Fleder; she’s taken the part of “a former biker chick partnered with Franco.” (I like to think this is just a reprisal of her character from Night on Earth.) In the meantime, Izabela Vidovic is signed to play the daughter of Statham‘s ex-DEA agent, who himself battles the drug lord when he sees the effects of crime on his family’s new town.

The fact that this would appear to be the long and short of it notwithstanding, Homefront‘s made a pretty nice little acquisition for itself. This is not to say my expectations are all too changed in light of this development; it’s just looking good at the moment.

Homefront will start shooting next month.

There’s a little extra something on Machete Kills, too. While Robert Rodriguez has been done with production for a few weeks now, a press release (via Twitch) reveals that Mark Zaror has filmed an antagonistic role in the faux exploitation sequel.

His character, created with the man in mind, will be that of “Zaror (which happens to be his real last name), henchman to Mel Gibson‘s villainous character.” We can expect a lot of action with Zaror, as he apparently gets to punch Danny Trejo. There’s not much else to add.

Well, here’s a character poster:

Machete Kills will open next year.

Do Homefront and Machete Kills have a little extra spark, in light of this news?

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