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Wim Wenders Making 3D, Architecture-Based Documentary

Written by on December 23, 2011 

Wim Wenders took a risk by plunging into 3D headfirst, but the venture payed off. His first feature-length crack at the format, Pina, was not only praised during its months-long festival run, but also finds itself eligible for a Best Documentary nomination at this year’s Academy Awards. While he’s better known for his narrative work, and would like to craft such a film with the technology, he’s already started another documentary.

As was told to DocumentaryChannel (via ThePlaylist), Wenders has been crafting “a long-term project” that “will take several years.” The focus has been shifted from dancing to architecture, a transition that was aided by Pina; through one means or another, directing the dance documentary made architecture come across as “something that could have a real affinity to this medium.” (Just as Pina paid tribute to the late Pina Bausch, I’m hoping he could once more give due respect to an icon of the world at hand. Art Vandelay, anyone?)

Still, Wenders calling it his next documentary project doesn’t mean it’s happening soon, and he stressed that things are “at the very, very beginning.” But, despite knowing a wait is required, I still find myself insanely curious about what he’ll be creating. Especially when the filmmaker describes the way in which 3D can bring the experience of inhabiting a building to life, saying “I’m really excited to have this tool now that gives this sense of place.” On top of that, WendersPina is widely considered to be one of the best uses of the format since its resurgence; though I haven’t actually seen the picture, I feel safe in assuming that his continued use of it would yield something fruitful.

Is Wenders the right person to make a 3D architecture film?

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