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Will Paramount’s $50 ‘World War Z’ Ticket Experiment Set a Precedent For Distribution?

Written by on June 14, 2013 

A few times a year, I leave the theater and have the desire to instantly re-watch the film I just saw. While I could just head right back into the next showing, I’ve always wondered why Hollywood didn’t allow you to pre-order a film right on the spot, or if piracy wasn’t an issue, take it home with you. With shrinking release windows — the norm currently being around three months from theatrical to home distribution — I’ve imagined we’re getting closer and closer to this becoming a reality and now Paramount has broken new ground with a World War Z promotion.

For a flat $50 in five locations, they are offering a “mega ticket” package that includes a ticket to an advanced 3D showing of World War Z on Wednesday, June 19th, a small popcorn, one HD digital copy of the movie when it becomes available, one collector RealD 3D glasses and an official full-size limited-edition movie poster. I’m not sure if the seemingly low anticipation level for the Brad Pitt-led film will result in a successful experiment, but can you imagine this kind of promotion with Star Wars: Episode VII, The Avengers 2 or another massive tentpole?

The major problem here is that one is buying in (at a comparably hefty sum) before they can actually see the product. If studios can find a sweet spot regarding the price and perhaps create a program where you can opt-in to take home a digital copy earlier than normal after you’ve seen (and enjoyed) a particular film, then I think Paramount may be on to something. Only time will tell, but one can check out some more details on the deal below (or here) and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Would you consider this for World War Z? What about another film if the price was different?

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