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Warner Bros. Team Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart to ‘Get Hard’

Written by on December 7, 2012 

Two very different guys, through extraordinary circumstances, are put together to help make the laughs fly: a story that feels as old as comedy filmmaking itself, but one which can work if the specifics feel fresh and the stars are game. While those are a) two big requirements, and b) the about-to-be-discussed project is only getting off the ground, I think Get Hard has a few things going its way.

Deadline report on the film, telling us Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart are being lined up to headline a script from Ian Roberts and Jay Martel, showrunners of the very funny Key & Peele. As it stands, the pitch centers on a simple investment bank manager accused of a crime he never actually committed; to prepare for prison time, our lead hires the man who normally washes his car, but is also “streetwise.” Over the course of, let’s guess, 96 minutes (minus credits), Hart helps Ferrell get hard.

This outset is kind of slim, I know, but Warner Bros. are hoping to make it a hit — and that could happen. It’s a decent-enough outline with two stars (or one rising star) acting out everything that comes in-between, and genuine yuks may abound. I mean, were you expecting something more substantial from a studio comedy titled Get Hard? This isn’t Tabu we’re talking about here.

Are these first rounds of updates worth your time and attention?

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