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Michael Showalter Fills In Some Gaps on ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Prequel

Written by on December 13, 2012 

As he went right from Wanderlust (which more of you goddamn people should have seen) to the production of yet another film, David Wain hasn’t found an opportunity to talk up his Wet Hot American Summer sequel / prequel. Fitting, then, that his frequent co-writer, and one of the film’s co-stars, Michael Showalter, is the one spilling piece-by-piece notes on what, I think, is certainly among the more peculiar films in development.

In February, the comedic personality, one like no other, had stated this would be set during the same titular summer of Wain‘s film — with the same actors, too. Clearing things up a smidge more (but still not a whole lot), he told the online talk show Geeking Out with Kerri Doherty (via /Film) that the movie would, in fact, take place “six months-to-a year earlier” than the 2001 original. (Very possibly not the summer, then.) There’s little new to glean from all this, except that we should expect to see Showalter back on camera as Gerald “Coop” Coopenberger / Alan Shemper, so let’s hope he isn’t an outlier in wanting to return.

The interview can be seen below, with the highlighted section starting at around 2:22:

Are you still up for a Wet Hot American Summer prequel?

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