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Wes Bentley Has A Beach Party With Terrence Malick and Christian Bale

Written by on April 4, 2012 

For myself, Wes Bentley was always “the pretentious kid from American Beauty” – it didn’t help that he disappeared for more than twelve years, either – but the guy really, truly appears to be back. Now he’s “that guy from The Hunger Games with the strange beard.”

But he might be in a Terrence Malick movie, too! Amazing how that can just happen. Photographic evidence comes by way of fansite ChristianBale.org (via ThePlaylist), who, luckily, managed to grab a ton of shots of the duo – hanging out on the beach, having a friendly wrestle, lounging, reconciling, what have you. It’s interesting stuff, though I might be more taken by a photo of Malick, which comes courtesy of Twitter user @smilesunshine16. Also: I don’t know if they’re working on the possibly name-bereft Lawless, Knight of Cups, or if any of this will even end up in either film, neither of which are supposed to be shooting right now.

Take a look at some of the pictures above and below, with plenty more at the provided link:

What do you think is going on here? Would you like to see Bentley and Malick team up?

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