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‘Pacific Rim’ Writer Returns For Sequel, But Guillermo del Toro May Not Direct

Written by on December 4, 2012 

It’s not a strange occurrence in Hollywood to start developing sequels before initial films make their way to screens. Projects from the impossible (Green Lantern 2) to the improbable (Snow White and the Huntsman 2) to the definite (The Hangover Part II) have been bandied about, or quickly made in the latter case and now we have another example of such a event.

Even though Guillermo del Toro‘s sci-fi monsters vs. robots blockbuster epic Pacific Rim doesn’t land until next July, The Hollywood Reporter lets us know that Legendary has hired original writer Travis Beacham to write a script for a sequel to the film. Although no plot details are available (duh), del Toro will be helping out Beacham as he crafts the story, but he hasn’t decided yet if he’ll direct the film.

We got word yesterday that the filmmaker has (finally) committed to his next film with the ghost story Crimson Peak, staying with Legendary. Whereas some of the aforementioned examples were just white noise, it should give audiences some comfort of quality for Pacific Rim, as the company has actually begun work a sequel script. But for now, we’ve got a ways to go before any more updates of the sort will happen. One thing is for certain: don’t expect a definitive ending for this potential franchise this summer.

Do you want to see Pacific Rim? Does this sequel news interest you moreso?

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