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WB and Universal Produce Action On ‘Sleepless Night’ Remake & New Thriller Franchise

Written by on February 16, 2012 

Just as Warner Bros. was quick to pick up remake rights to Sleepless Night in the wake of its successful TIFF premiere, the studio’s now getting into the real “development” of their own take at a decent speed. Deadline reports that Dante Harper (All You Need Is Kill, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) and Andrea Berloff (World Trade Center) are, to the studio, both hot commodities to crank out the script; the only thing holding them back may be busy schedules. As these things usually go.

For a little refresher, here’s how the plot of Frederic Jardin‘s picture went:

“The movie centers on an undercover cop trying to get back his kidnapped son from a drug-dealing nightclub owner. Unfortunately for the cop, he loses his only bargaining chip – a duffel bag filled with cocaine that he and his partner stole in a botched job that got the cop not only recognized but badly stabbed as well. The cop spends the movie in the club trying to find the bag and his son, while evading goons from multiple drug lords and Internal Affairs police officers.”

If there’s a central conceit lying in this story, reviews indicate that it’s the predominant use of nightclub as a a single location; to the point where it might even leave the biggest mark when all is said and done. Although we’re all unqualified to say how the Roy Lee-produced remake might end up turning out — frankly, I only want to see the original as of right now — I’m holding out hope that, at the very least, they can retain this aspect. The actual screenwriters hired don’t leave much of an impression, sadly.

You’ve never actually written anything that’s made it to the screen, and you’re creating franchises with a major studio — well done, Josh Zetumer. Deadline informs us that the RoboCop scribe has sold a pitch to Universal, for what’s only described as a “original spy thriller project” that Captivate Entertainment and Jeffrey Weiner will be producing. Sit tight and wait for more information to pour in over time.

Will a Sleepless Night remake or yet another spy franchise satiate your action hunger?

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