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Watch Oscar Isaac, Jessica Chastain, and J.C. Chandor Talk ‘A Most Violent Year’ As First Clips & New Images Arrive

Written by on November 25, 2014 


Much of the early word on A Most Violent Yearour own word, no less — has been mixed, but signs point toward J.C. Chandor, a burgeoning talent, continuing to push himself in new directions. (If nothing else, who’d have imagined the progression from Margin Call to All Is Lost to this?) That it won’t be hitting a limited release until December 31 — presumably because A24 are endlessly amused by the possibilities created by the word “year” — doesn’t mean you can’t get an early taste of it from a conversation between Chandor, Oscar Isaac, and Jessica Chastain, as well as clips and photos.

The Screen Actors Guild Foundation’s presentation is just fine, if not fluffy, while the clips present a curious case: the scene of Chastain’s high-falutin’ character going on about the matters of respect and presentation are a little eye-rolling when you’ve seen a variant on that scene innumerable times, yet the more methodical alternative, featuring Isaac in his own sort of lecture mode, presents signs of a far better film. For myself, it remains to be seen where Chandor’s interests ultimately lie, but I have a feeling as to what’s more promising.

Watch all the clips below, along with a set of new photos:





A Most Violent Year opens on December 31st.

Do you find this material promising? Have Chandor’s prior films given you reason to anticipate A Most Violent Year?

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