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Watch Giorgio Moroder’s Reworking of ‘Metropolis’ with Music from Freddie Mercury, Pat Benatar & More

Written by on August 1, 2014 


If Fritz Lang‘s Metropolis — still one of the greatest films, sci-fi or otherwise — weren’t both restored and widely available in a beautiful high-definition transfer, anything that resembles so much as the slightest “tampering” might seem sacrilegious. But because we’re fortunate enough to live in an age where amazing rescues are possible, Giorgio Moroder‘s famous reworking now stands, rightfully, as terrific fun, combining the towering production design and expressive silent-cinema acting with wonderfully incongruous ’80s pop-rock. The results are exactly what you’d expect and, still, ever surprising when seen in action.

And, thus, this version — at a comparatively brisk 90 minutes (the frame rate was raised) and with an unfortunate tint — is worth watching solely for being the closest we’ll ever get to a Lang picture as soaring rock opera. (I do, however, have some suggestions for the improvement Harakiri, if anyone would like to get cracking on a project that nobody will watch.) It’s not the best way to be introduced to this classic, but, after you’ve been acquainted, it’s worth seeing for oneself.

Watch it in full below, featuring music from Pat Benatar, Billy Squier, Adam Ant and Freddie Mercury, then buy the Blu-ray here (via Open Culture):

What do you think of Moroder’s Metropolis?

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