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Watch: Garret Dillahunt Gets a Few Steps Closer To Joseph Gordon-Levitt In ‘Looper’ Deleted Scene

Written by on January 2, 2013 

After showing up on a number of our year-end lists, we’ve been eager to see more of Rian Johnson‘s slick, entertaining time-travel thriller Looper. Check out any number of interviews with the director (including our own) and one can easily tell it was a difficult process in the editing room, leaving lots on the cutting room floor in order to keep the tension up in the final product.

With the film now landing on Bu-ray, an intense deleted scene has now arrived, which (spoilers ahead) bridges the scene in between gat man Garret Dillahunt’s search for escaped Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Emily Blunt‘s farm house and the reveal of where our lead escaped to. One can see how it wasn’t necessary to include, but it certainly provides some added context and more of the talented Dillahunt doesn’t hurt. Check it out below.

Looper is now on Blu-Ray.

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