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Watch: David Lynch’s Expectedly Bizarre Music Video for “Crazy Clown Time”

Written by on April 3, 2012 

David Lynch is simply the best. It’d be enough if he was only one of the world’s most interesting and uncompromising filmmakers, but, among many artistic endeavors, Missoula’s proudest Eagle Scout has proven himself a skilled musician time and time again. Just a few months back, in fact, Lynch released his first solo album, Crazy Clown Time — a wonderful, creepy, rewarding work that, much like his films, is sometimes off-putting and consistently strange on a first encounter, yet reveals strange depths and a sense of fun on eventual revisits.

In the spirit of things, Lynch has now gone and directed a music video — maybe “literal visual translation” is a better way of putting it — for the album’s title song. In addition to his stylings behind a keyboard and microphone, the piece contains (among many other things) screaming, spitting, garbage, nudity, babbling, physical attacks, and self-immolation. I can’t even try to put this into words — be it in terms of analysis or even some simple description — but the man at work makes it all worth watching.

Watch the music video below:

What do you think of the video? Have you listened to Crazy Clown Time?

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