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Watch: Clip From Pixar’s Upcoming Short ‘Blue Umbrella,’ Plus New Concept Art From Abandoned ‘Newt’

Written by on January 7, 2013 

While I could take or leave the recent Toy Story shorts popping up before Disney features, Pixar’s original short films are a joy to behold. Most recently we got the charming La Luna and now today, the first clip has arrived for their short that will play before Monsters University this summer.

Titled The Blue Umbrella, Wall Street Journal has the clip and new information on the project, which sees Saschka Unseld direct the six-minute short following a blue umbrella and red umbrella on a rainy day, as “their budding attraction is interrupted by distance and the forces of nature, until objects on the street come to life to help them reunite.” With an idea launched by seeing an abandoned umbrella lying in the gutter, one can see the beautiful 30-second clip below.

But before we get to that, we’ve got another look at a Pixar project, sadly one that will never see the light of day. After the film Newt, set to be helmed by Gary Rydstrom, got canned back in May of 2010, some concept art popped up, but now even more has made its way online, thanks to illustator Katy Wu. Check the pieces out above and below for the film that would have followed two newt salamanders, the last ones on Earth, who form a friendship. [The Wild Kat via /Film]

Attached to Monsters University, The Blue Umbrella premieres on June 21st.

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