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Watch: Bundle of New Footage In Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes on ‘The Grandmaster’

Written by on January 14, 2013 

The Grandmaster has been birthed. You can, finally, forget the years of production, post-production, and reports of a 4-hour cut when you realize Wong Kar-wai‘s new film, his first in at least five years, is playing — on the other side of the world from yours truly, but on this planet. When also considering how massive the entire universe is, China isn’t really so far away.

Still, the wait. It’s a killer, and we have something that’s only going to make this all the more difficult: three featurettes, the trio of which bring us both behind Wong‘s camera — be it shots of the lavish sets and (non-subtitled) interviews with his beautiful stars — and into his images, with plenty of fresh material ready for a cinema-loving gaze. From what I could gather, none of it is all too spoiler-y, in terms of plot or visual splendor, so enjoy all you like. Better yet, it has a picture quality unmatched by anything we’ve yet to see from The Grandmaster, which is just what Wong deserves.

You can see them below (via Twitch):

Do you enjoy these new hints?

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