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Watch: Brad Pitt Meets Scoot McNairy In New ‘Killing Them Softly’ Clip; Making-of Featurette Debuts

Written by on November 27, 2012 

If Killing Them Softly weren’t opening at the week’s end, we might find ourselves in clip overload. One day after a strong bit between Brad Pitt and James Gandolfini hit the web, those at The Weinstein Company have released an in-film exchange between the former and Scoot McNairy — a rare moment when both leads occupy the screen at once. There’s also a new featurette to glance over, but I think the actual portion, what most are already interested in, is of greater note.

Pardon me for speaking in such terms (it’s not easier for myself), but this scene, here, is the kind of moment you might see before names are called in a few months’ time — if you catch my drift. Disregarding that, however, it’s an amazing display of onscreen talent by both players, though McNairy, having been mostly unknown to myself, is the one who really surprises, what with a shocking command of his craft. While it’s, of course, good on its own, the sequence functions much more strongly when seen late into the film’s game, a time when emotions are far more perceptible.

The featurette isn’t breaking any new ground or shedding some new light, except in its opportunity to let us hear James Gandolfini say “auteur” and then laugh at himself. So, yes, you might as well click play.

Watch both below:

Killing Them Softly opens on November 30th.

Are these videos changing your opinion on the film in any way?

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