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Watch an Hour-Long Interview with John Ford

Written by on June 16, 2014 


The most comprehensive filmic study of John Ford, Peter Bogdanovich‘s Directed By John Ford, is at least partly responsible for granting the legendary filmmaker a certain reputation for being difficult. (“How did you shoot that?” “With a camera.” “Now that I’ve pointed it out, is there anything you’d like to say about it?” “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”) This descriptor — suspect, if only because it’s all-too-common a way of categorizing public figures who don’t often provide universally sunny answers — might, in some sense, befit a man whose films so often chronicled the hardships life bestowed upon men both great (Young Mr. Lincoln) and awful (The Searchers), but this doesn’t render our assumptions completely accurate, either.

I wouldn’t want to label the great Bogdanovich a poor interviewer — everybody who does these with even some regularity knows you’ll run into a bad subject every once in a while — but you can detect the flaws in his approach when watching a rare interview Ford had conducted in 1969. While long thought lost — yet possibly aired, briefly, under the title of My Name Is John Ford: I Make Movies — it’s now available for viewing, albeit in a (PREVIEW) seemingly unfinished (PREVIEW) form. It jumps around a bit much for my liking — this could be as much a result of the suspected incompleteness, in all fairness — but what’s there may be the most illuminating of any video talk he’s participated in; like the best of them, it shines light on facets of his personality while providing typical autobiographical information.

Embedding isn’t permitted, so head to YouTube to see it for yourself (via Cinephilia and Beyond):

What did you think of this interview? Have you seen many good ones featuring Ford?

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