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Watch an Analysis of ‘Apocalypse Now’ and a 50-Minute Documentary on DP Vittorio Storaro

Written by on September 3, 2015 


If Apocalypse Now has become one of those films about which there is seemingly little left to say, consider — so long as you’re a fan in the first place — a long, two-part video essay that looks to plumb the depths of its muddier, more mysterious aspects. Its intention’s are laid out within the first few minutes, with the narrator asking, “What’s really going on in Apocalypse Now,” and while a few of these points are, by the maker’s own admission, not exactly hidden deep within the source material (e.g. its lens on dehumanization), this study manages to discuss as much in an entertaining way.

Since Francis Ford Coppola‘s dark-hearted masterpiece has become one of those films deeply embedded in the culture, referenced everywhere from kids shows to Seinfeld, I think it’s necessary to once again look at the picture with a bit more critical composure. Distance, even, where its pleasures can be backgrounded (at least a bit) in favor of approaching its uglier and tougher sections more soberly. Of similar interest, I think, is Writing with Light: Vittorio Storaro, a 1992 documentary (via Cinephilia and Beyond) that mostly focuses on the legendary cinematographer’s American work — with a particular lens on Apocalypse Now and, to my delight, Coppola’s still-underappreciated follow-up, One from the Heart — and gives some insight into how he contributes toward great directors’ best work. Given the difficulty one often has in determining where the DP makes their own specific contribution, this is a valuable source for many reasons.

Watch everything below:

What are your thoughts on Apocalypse Now and Storaro’s work?

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