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Watch a Documentary Chronicling the Evolution of DV Photography

Written by on June 2, 2014 


One of the more distinctive marks to be found in late ’90s cinema, aside from Ace of Base and “yeah, baby!,” would be mini DV photography. If more a sign of where things would soon head than, rather, a firm establishment of some definitive format, it was nevertheless the beginning of something major and, for that historical significance alone, can remain an odd sight — almost like witnessing a massive mural slowly form as artists progressively improve in the use their new tools.

Even if digital photography evolves year by year — and even if a document of its early days is, now, about eight years old — there is much to be gleaned from Don’t Try This At Home: From Dogma to Dogville, which examines the subject through interviews with its practitioners and footage of their work. (Those interviewees, by the way, are Anthony Dod Mantle, Robby Müller, and Benedict Neuenfels.) It can’t be said with any certainty that this will change all conceptions of the shift which took place at the time; as a glimpse into a very specific movement, however, this is one of the best ways to illustrate what some (myself included) have been fascinated by for years.

The piece can be seen below (via Cinephilia and Beyond / The Seventh Art):

Did you find this documentary enlightening? What are some of your favorite examples of mini DV photography?

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