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Watch: 20-Minute Special on ‘Lincoln’; Steven Spielberg’s Film Receiving Altered International Release

Written by on January 16, 2013 

I don’t know what’s led to this video, but looking any further would only be to question a good thing. In what is, likely, on the occasion of its recent Oscar nominations, DreamWorks have gathered the main forces behind Lincoln to discuss its creative process — in that time, creating a feature which feels more comprehensive than most special features you get on a Blu-ray now.

Naturally, it’s a little sugarcoated — making a film like this is not without its difficulties, and the long production history on this film points toward that — but this is to be expected. Something like this being available for members of the public and not just voters, however, isn’t. Watch it, and you’ll feel like an overprivileged person being kowtowed to.

The piece can be seen below (via Apple):

If you live in the United States, little context should have been required to get some grasp of Lincoln‘s historical significance; unless school wasn’t your bag, one knows something or another about the man, the Civil War, and slavery before you’ve even bought your ticket. But so much of that, typically the most basic stuff, comes from history that’s a natural part of any curriculum — here, in the United States.

In Japan, however, Abraham Lincoln isn’t the most readily identifiable of figures. (Save for, perhaps, the image of a man in a top hat.) According to THR, those seeing it in new markets (mainly Europe) will get some title cards which, though only around a minute, both Spielberg and Lincoln‘s screenwriter, Tony Kushner, collaborated to make a “seamless” gateway — mainly, the John Williams score placed over some historical photos and the obligatory text. Those seeing it in the Land of the Rising Sun, come April, get another other bonus: a recorded introduction from the director, all which is probably not going to be particularly important for Americans in the first place.

It’s part of 20th Fox International’s hopes of getting financial momentum overseas, something which ought to be aided by audience members who enter feeling a bit more informed.

Did this featurette give you any further insight into the making of Lincoln? What are your thoughts on the plans for an international release?

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