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Warner Bros. Taking ‘The All-Nighter’; Fox 2000 Developing ‘Jessica & Drew’ and ‘Kiss and Tango’

Written by on January 10, 2012 

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. is part of “the first solid spec sale of 2012,” a move that involves the purchase of Brad Ingelsby‘s action spec The All-Nighter. The plot tells “how, in a single night, an aging mob hitman is forced to take on his former boss.” Needing to protect his own family, the lead “winds up on the run from the mob and the authorities with his estranged son.”

Ingelsby has been in the Hollywood game for some time now. His script The Low Dweller once had Ridley Scott and Leonardo DiCaprio attached to direct and star, respectively; they’re now taking up the project as producers, while Crazy Heart‘s Scott Cooper will direct. His newest acquisition sounds a little promising, if only somewhat more familiar than I’d prefer for bought scripts. But everyone knows it’s all in the execution, and a six-figure deal clearly indicates that something valuable’s in there.

THR has news regarding Fox 2000 — one purchase, one hiring. For the former, they tell us that the production company has picked up the soon-to-be-retitled spec The Incredible True Story of Jessica & Drew Who Accidentally Boned on the Way to the Wedding from Erin Simon and Kimberly Karp. The film, as the title already spells out, revolves around “two people who, while on the way to a destination wedding and with other partners on their minds, hook up and fall in love.”

The other script-related news involves Omen scribe David Seltzer, who’s been hired by Fox 2000 to adapt Marina Palmer‘s Kiss and Tango. The project has been in the company’s mind since 2006, when it was being positioned for Sandra Bullock to star; creative complications have kept it in a languishing state, but the writer has “found a new take by going back to the source material,” taking things “in a more dramatic direction and moving it away from traditional rom-com trappings.” The story centers on “a high-flying ad exec, quit her job at the age of 30 and moved to Buenos Aires, rediscovering herself with the help of sexy tango dancing.” Oh, so that’s why they were going for Sandra Bullock.

Do these scripts catch your attention in any way?

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