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Warner Bros. Hire ‘The Impossible’ Director Juan Antonio Bayona to Helm Eric Roth-Penned Sci-Fi Feature

Written by on January 28, 2013 

A couple of potential awards snubs and persistent questions regarding its politics be damned, The Impossible has put Juan Antonio Bayona on Hollywood’s radar. No surprise, since this kind of thing happens every few years: a foreign director makes something in their home country, it sparks the attention of studio people keeping an eye on world cinema, and the creative works their way up from there. In this case, thankfully, it’s happening at a comfortable speed.

Variety have the latest news in that regard, telling us the Spanish helmer, only one feature after The Orphanage, was snagged by Warner Bros. and tapped to direct a sci-fi screenplay from Eric Roth (Benjamin Button, Munich, Forrest Gump). Not bad news at all; the only negative is the source’s sparse report. Excepting some of the more out-there pieces contained within his David Fincher picture, what does that screenwriter’s version of the genre look like, and what about it attracts Bayona? Pressing issues.

Warner Bros. care not for your desires, though, and only about doing things with whatever sense of security is afforded by not telling at the outset. If that leads to a better movie (which is no guarantee), fine, but it’s the convergence of director and screenwriter that yours truly will use as a tether of interest.

Will you be looking out for whatever they have cooking here?

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