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‘Walking Dead’ May Shuffle to Big Screen; Initial ‘World War Z’ Shoot Only Provided Hour of Presentable Footage

Written by on August 15, 2012 

The Walking Dead is not universally praised for the content of its storytelling — speaking personally, it’s the reason I never finished a six-episode first season — but, no matter how much its plotting or character work may infuriate even the most loyal of viewers, there’s no denying production value. The sort you might even deem “cinematic.”

It’s that which leaves me unsurprised to read AMC are, apparently, considering the silver screen transition for their zombie show. BloodyDisgusting have heard “rumblings of a feature film [from those] working closely with The Walking Dead crew and AMC,” an idea which has been thrown out in what are only described as “non-business conversations.” Regardless, they caution that this news is quite early; so much so that “nothing is even close to official,” and for us to not expect any sort of formal negotiations to get started for another few years.”

I’m guessing that would be whenever The Walking Dead comes to an end, though given that it’s a massively popular show based upon an ongoing series which currently stands at 100 issues… basically, I don’t see this going away anytime soon. Those who want to see the movie happen would be best-advised to sit around a bit and wait.

But, hey, isn’t it better to plan than to do and royally screw up? I bet those behind World War Z would agree.

You already know that thing is a big, sticky mess right now — if not, go ahead and read these two damning accounts — so, by this point, everything is only more paper thrown into the fire. Anyhow, THR briefly note that, before getting down to a rewrite, Damon Lindelof and Drew Goddard were only able to see “52 minutes of continuous footage,” since this is all that was available for their viewing.

Save for “a few minutes of other action.” Don’t forget: Marc Forster might need a second little helper to get those scenes down. Again. If that doesn’t sound too bad, remember that World War Z was filming an entire year ago and was going to hit back in June. 52 minutes is not a good spot, but I don’t know what else to expect from the movie by this point.

Is there potential in taking The Walking Dead to film? What does this World War Z update say to you?

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