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Universal and Robert Zemeckis’ ImageMovers Pick Up Supernatural Story ‘Demonologist’

Written by on February 22, 2012 

Much to his and our benefit, Robert Zemeckis left motion capture with his tail between his legs and the incentive to get back to live-action, both as director and producer. Charles Fort and How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack — the latter still being a “hybrid” between CGI and live-action — have been occupying his time in the producing realm, but Deadline now brings one more to the table.

According to them, Zemeckis and his ImageMovers will, along with Universal, adapt Demonologist, a (as of this writing) manuscript by Andrew Pyper. While it’s still yet to find a publishing home, the story has attracted some big names with its globe-trotting, supernatural story. Said story follows “a professor who studies Paradise Lost [and] accepts a free trip to Italy,” only to be forced to “go on a dark journey of discovery” in an attempt to retrieve his daughter, who’s seemingly been killed by “a demonic spirit.”

Such a fantasy yarn sounds right in line with what Zemeckis has been focusing on these past couple of years, save for his next directing gig, Flight; we’ll need to bite our tongue while waiting to see how these efforts turn out. (The Denzel Washington-starrer among them, even if we can’t wait for that one.) Do I, personally, see potential in Demonologist, based solely on this simple description? I suppose it sounds fun, though its cinematic potential is, again, an unproven commodity as of right now.

Does Demonologist strike any chords this early on?

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