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Ubisoft Packaging ‘Ghost Recon’ Series Into Feature Film

Written by on January 2, 2013 

The poisonous wave of video game movies, though briefly quelled, might soon hit something of an upswing. I don’t think it’s because the Resident Evil series has managed to create enough waves for studios to pick up controllers once more — those things sound to have devolved (evolved?) into some kind of auteurist project for Paul W.S. Anderson — but, actually, thanks to the efforts of Ubisoft. Which, while not great, at least shows hands-on involvement and development from those who make the source material — which kind of counts for something.

And they might be serious here. Paychecks aside, it’s hard to imagine you could attract the considerable talents of Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy without some semblance of quality in a product — having the former take creative development into his own hands is a whole other thing — that the Ubisoft people have a greater understanding of than any film studio could hope to. Optimistic is not exactly the right word to summarize how I feel, though I think cautiously optimistic is a more fit term.

Going past their two most popular franchises, an LA Times story quietly reveals that Ubisoft Motion Pictures chief executive Jean-Julien Baronnet is “putting together a pitch” based on the Ghost Recon series of games. Most of those reading will have even a passing familiarity with the decade-old series, throughout which a team of high tech-equipped soldiers are sent to some part of the world — in the recent, popular Advanced Warfighter series, action took place in Mexico — to stop whatever dastardly schemes a villain is hoping to carry out. Since it carries the Tom Clancy name, a bit of political intrigue is usually involved with the shooting.

When said like so, it almost feels as if we’d have something interesting in the Ghost Recon name to transpose to the big screen. After getting a pitch picked up, the big struggle rests in attracting some proper talent; since they’ve done it twice thus far, I have some hopes that a good name or two can fall into place.

Here’s a trailer for the most recent installment, Future Soldier, which might provide some idea of what to expect:

Is there hope in a Ghost Recon film? What do you think of Ubisoft’s cinematic push?

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