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TV Show ‘Friday Night Lights’ Confirmed For Movie; Shooting Planned For Next Year

Written by on August 1, 2011 

Friday Night Lights recently ended its critically-acclaimed run of five seasons on TV, but it appears that this isn’t the end for the characters that so many people have become attached to over the years. There were rumors that the series would be finishing its run as a movie a few weeks ago, and now Peter Berg, who directed the original 2004 movie and executive produced the series, confirmed that a film is being developed during a TCA panel today for the show Prime Suspect.

Nothing significant was said about it, but he told the crowd that they’re “very serious about trying to do it,” with a script being written. The plan calls for production to begin next year, the main cast — which at least includes Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton — will be involved. Reading up on the series finale tells me that there are actually quite a few places you could go with the characters and their story; I might prefer that shows end as shows, telling their whole story there, but there’s a strong possibility that this was in mind when crafting the end of the series. There’s no word on if Berg will also direct this, and his involvement with the Navy SEAL movie Lone Survivor might stop that, but it’s too early to really get an idea for such a thing.

I’ve seen a few episodes of the original show, and while my general disinterest in sports should have been an impediment to me enjoying it, I found the drama and sense of atmosphere to be very affecting. The original movie is one that I generally enjoyed, despite it giving into some cliches of the sports genre, so I already feel that it can work in this medium. Sadly, I have this whole “completist” thing about me, where I can’t get interested in a movie version of something I haven’t experienced for myself. But this isn’t made for me — the fans are the ones who want to see this, and it’s good that they can get a little bit more of what they love. What I wonder most of all is if this is the first story that has gone from a book, to a movie, to a TV series, and now to a movie. I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

Are you a fan of the TV show, and would you want to see it completed as a film?

Source: Deadline

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