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‘Tucker & Dale’ Director Eli Craig Attached to Comedy ‘Bridesmaid’

Written by on May 12, 2012 

It’s fine if you disagree with my little sentiment — he could certainly be worse off, of course — but I think Eli Craig got a bit shafted when it came to Tucker & Dale vs Evil. People liked the film plenty well, and I imagine it did okay on the financial side of things, yet I can’t help but wonder if the constantly-delayed release of his first film makes news of a sophomore effort somewhat… delayed.

Still, having finally seen the light of day this past fall, Tucker & Dale is starting to pay off for Craig. In following up his feature debut, Deadline reports the writer-director is now signed to rewrite and direct the comedy Your Bridesmaid is a Bitch, which Circle of Confusion will produce and Skydance Productions is financing.

First scripted by Brian Duffield, the movie follows a soon-to-be-married man made to face the strife of an ex-girlfriend holding a bridesmaid position at his wedding. (And you thought this was going to be a Bridesmaids knock-off.) If that initial summary doesn’t grip you right away, take a highly positive review of the original screenplay into account; it should mean something. The hiring of a smart, talented fellow like Craig is, if you ask me, just another step in the right direction.

How does Bridesmaid strike you at the moment?

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