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‘Transformers 4’ Eyes Summer 2014 Release; Will Include New Robot Line-Up To Increase Toy Sales

Written by on September 13, 2012 

For a franchise whose ultimate goal is to wring out every last dollar possible, this upcoming news should be no surprise. While Transformers 4 is clearly happening with Michael Bay at the helm (supposedly his last time taking the reigns), we’ve only thus far been given a few details — including they’re headed in a new direction that would set it up for someone else to direct.

Now, thanks to TFW2005 (via Bleeding Cool) we’ve got word from Hasbro’s president and CEO Brian Goldner that this fourth entry will feature a new robot line-up and the reason is bluntly obvious. Since children already had their favorite set of toys from the first few films, there was no incentive to go pick up more. Therefore, they’ll be creating a new line-up of robots strictly to boost toy sales, a massive component of this Transformers business.

They also have provided a plain logo, seen above, and that the intended summer 2014 release date is still on target. No word on if the above news means none of our regular robots, but I’d have to imagine they show up in the chaotic frenzy that is Baydom. So parents, you better start saving because in about two years, you’ll have a brand-new toy wishlist.

Are you surprised at Hasbro’s monetary move? Do you want to see a fourth Transformers film?

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