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Topher Grace and Mary Elizabeth Winstead Headlining Drake Doremus’ Social Media Film ‘The Beauty Inside’

Written by on July 25, 2012 

There’s been a slow, fascinating inclination toward crowd-sourced art in the past few months; it’s only slow enough for little to actually notice. But it is happening. For one thing, Mads Mikkelsen and Asger Leth are filming their own audience-based project, Move On — this allows denizens of the film’s various European locales to help shape the plot and supporting characters — while Edgar Wright recently completed a web series, The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator, which followed similar guidelines. I know such a different approach to storytelling will have its skeptics, but if the latter proved to be a fun and unique experience — that also wasn’t at the sake of the filmmaker’s wit — why not see where else it could go?

Thus, I report (without much hesitation) that Drake Doremus (Like Crazy) is directing an experiment in casting, The Beauty Inside, which initially features Topher Grace and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The presence of two lovely Hollywood stars would, on the surface, suggest something conventional, but the project — backed by Intel and Toshiba — is seeking everyday people (you, for instance) to take the lead role. [Mashable]

For some better idea of how Inside works, watch this preview:

It’s, overall, a pretty simple concept, and also one that opens a floodgate of opportunity for both the actors and storytellers to employ. If this tickles your fancy, I’d encourage you to audition on the movie’s Facebook page; the right audition should get you (yes, you!) onscreen, playing a cypher for Topher Grace who gets to take Mary Elizabeth Winstead out on a date. You’re going to turn down that opportunity?

The first episode of The Beauty Inside will premiere on August 6th.

Do you have any interest in joining this project for yourself?

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