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Tony Scott Lines Up Drug Thriller ‘Lucky Strike’ With Vince Vaughn For Next Film

Written by on February 15, 2012 

With dozens of projects in development, Tony Scott‘s next film seems to be changing with every news update. The director hasn’t made a project since 2010’s Unstoppable and his star Denzel Washington recently came back with the unexpected hit Safe House. Now it is his turn and Deadline seems to have acquired some formal news.

They report that things are gearing up for an $80 million drug thriller titled Lucky Strike, with sights set on Tony Scott to helm. What is most interesting is the choice of lead, as they report comedian Vince Vaughn would star in the film “in which a DEA agent teams with a drug runner to take down a drug cartel.” It unfortunately sounds like a variation of every other film Scott has directed, but at his age who can fault the guy for not pulling out any surprises.

Henry Bean, the man behind Ryan Gosling’s break-out role in The Believer, wrote the script. As for Scott, he also has Nemesis, Hell’s Angel, Narco Sub, Top Gun 2, and The Wild Bunch remake just to name a few projects he might go on to. If this report is to be believed though, Strike could be his next.. Vince Vaughn certainly isn’t doing much with his career with his recent terrible choices like Couple’s Retreat, The Dilemma and the especially bad Lay the Favorite (our Sundance review here), so he can only go up from here.

If Lucky Strike..strikes it would begin shooting by the end of the summer or fall for a likely 2013 release.

What do you think about Tony Scott’s possible next film?

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