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Tomas Alfredson Reunites With ‘Let the Right One In’ Author for Fantasy Feature ‘The Brothers Lionheart’

Written by on May 30, 2012 

I’ve waited for this news since I first saw Tomas Alfredson‘s near (if not, as I suspect a third viewing will confirm, true) masterpiece Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. AICN learned (and Twitch later confirmed) that the Swedish helmer is looking to return to his genre days with The Brothers Lionheart, a dark fantasy tale being shaped by Let the Right One In author and screenwriter John Ajvide Lindqvist.

The source material, written by Astrid Lindgren, revolves around two brothers living in the fantasy world of Nangijala — a place that, from what summaries indicate, is actually an afterlife — where a tyrannical ruler controls the land with a dragon; after joining a rebel group, they attempt to bring his rein to an end. Some other tidbits from quick online readings truly reinforce what a dark film this would make — I wouldn’t expect any studio to adapt the story in its pre-existing form — which, if you ask most people, is something Alfredson delivered so beautifully back in 2008. If anything, the scale and ambition just seem to be quite larger.

Unfortunately, The Brothers Lionheart probably won’t be coming for the next couple of years, as almost all development (including, mind you, financing) have yet to actually go through. AICN speculates that he might grab another job between Tinker Tailor and this (I wouldn’t mind getting Smiley’s People, personally), but, so long as he and Lindqvist can recreate the spark from their first outing — and, just as importantly, not compromise on Lionheart‘s story — I don’t see why this wouldn’t be worth any extended wait.

Does The Brothers Lionheart sound like a good opportunity for Alfredson?

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