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Tom Hardy Weighs ‘Animal Rescue’; ‘Bullhead’ Director Michael R. Roskam Moves Toward Project

Written by on November 9, 2012 

Before you start making a connection, this is not the animal poaching film Tom Hardy wants to make — or the other one. When we talk about Animal Rescue, instead, it’s a reference to the adaptation of Dennis Lehane‘s short story of bruised masculinity centered on a hulking man. The fact that he’s also embedded in the world of crime makes it a good fit for the actor, and even a familiar choice for Michaël R. Roskam.

So it’s fitting to see the director of Bullhead join forces with Hardy to make Animal Rescue, which had originally attached Neil Burger as Fox Searchlight’s helmer. The studio are still around, that director is gone, and it’s now up to these two; everything else sounds as if it’s remained stable. Most importantly, we’ll even see production kick off around the start of 2013. [Variety]

Unless something gets in the way, expect Hardy to play an introverted Boston bartender (my favorite archetype) who incurs some trouble after finding a puppy in a garbage can. Since we’re talking about Dennis Lehane here, it can only be dark and seedy: Rescue‘s protagonist is eyed by the dog’s old owner and, as if that weren’t enough, winds up in some kind of illegal plot being hatched inside the gangster-run bar he calls a place of employment.

Crime, male insecurity, and a title that alludes to animals — it’s up Roskam‘s alley!

That’s a joke, for the record, though Bullhead could be taken (by some) as a clear example of why a fit applies. I suspect there isn’t much else to mine in other regards, however, save for “Tom Hardy is a perfect choice.” While this, to be fair, is something I could remark about almost every movie he ends up doing, Animal Rescue could offer a huge actor’s opportunity to someone who isn’t always given a full chance to shine.

How do you feel about Hardy and Roskam doing this project?

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