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Tom Cruise Likely to Make ‘Top Gun 2’ Before ‘Mission: Impossible V’

Written by on April 25, 2012 

A recent interview in THR gave Paramount Film Group President Adam Goodwin carte blanche to spill on a lot of projects — casting on Noah being a huge droplet of information — so the news keeps piling in from that little chat. And when you talk about franchises, the biggest pieces trace back to Tom Cruise, who, according to the speaker, will indeed be making Top Gun 2 and Mission: Impossible V — just not in the order you might expect.

With movement accelerating on that long-overdue follow-up at a sudden rate, the actor will probably reprise Pete “Maverick” Mitchell before Ethan Hunt, while Tony Scott and Jerry Bruckheimer are also getting back in the respective director and producer chairs. (The Ghotocol sequel is, unfortunately, plenty low on information, but that’s definitely happening.) Would I rather have that over some ’80s nostalgia? Of course, but I can’t be disingenuous and say there isn’t just a tiny inkling of curiosity about where and how they might take this story into the 21st century.

Which film would you rather get first? Do you want either?

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